Follow the 3 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Ghosting

Ghosting is a bitter phenomenon for romance fighters. Just imagine when you are unfortunately dear and are ready to say love, the crush even disappears without a trace. Being left without clarity no longer makes the heart chaotic but broken and scattered.
Why the crush is ghosting us?


We think ghosting is an aggressive-passive strategy by someone to break the love relationship unilaterally and suddenly.
Ghosting is very common during the love-bombing phase, and there are many reasons why someone can bear to ghosting their potential partners. Generally, because they feel ghosting is the best way to say that they are no longer interested in you or feel the relationship will not work in the future, indirectly.

But rather than having to end the relationship through one-on-one talking and face all the consequences, the perpetrators of ghosting would rather avoid and disappear from circulation without clarity. Not infrequently, they also break contact through all lines of communication, so it is difficult to contact.
In fact, whatever the reason for someone to decide to disappear without news, ghosting can cause psychological injury to the “victim”.


Tips to Avoid Being Hit by Ghosting


Who knows what is inside their heart? We also cannot force the feelings of others to remain the same and in line with our expectations.
But maybe who knows, some of the tips below can help you avoid being hit by a crush when the romance flowers are ready to bloom. If in the end the relationship cannot be maintained, you two can still finish it well without harming either party.

1. Drag and Drop When Love-bombing

An expensive selling attitude may have become your mainstay trick when love-bombing to captivate the crush. But be careful not to get engrossed. Remember, first impressions are important.

In fact, the research team from Israel and New York said that the continuation of a high-priced attitude makes you look unattractive for a long time and is considered not serious about building relationships. This is likely because they feel all their efforts have not been appreciated and welcomed by you. The cold and indifferent attitude that you “sell” also looks like you underestimated them.
Vice versa, if you are too “stuck” alias clingy and lead possessive to the crush. They may think of you as a person who is annoying or just too controlling, and they may lose their feeling to you.

So you have to be very clever in devising a “push-and-pull” strategy during love-bombing. It also shows that you are an open person who has an interesting and happy life, to keep the love flowers blooming. For example, occasionally giving a surprise or a small gift for them. But on the other hand, give a mysterious impression by avoiding opening yourself up and exposing all your life stories at one time.
Make the crush always curious by continuing to lure himself to take the initiative to find out more about you. Imagine you are an onion that needs to be peeled layer by layer so that in the end, they know you inside and out and feel more connected.


2. Do Not Mostly Love-bombing via Chatting Application

Spending more time in the real world than just love-bombing via mobile can be a pretty powerful way to avoid being hit by ghosting. Because ghosting is usually the result of an untreated miscommunication.

When you talk face to face, at least you can find out whether you both have chemistry or if you feel interested in reading each other’s body language and speaking style. Chemistry and genuine interest cannot always be reflected merely through chat in chat.

Try to choose conversation topics, which ones do you think are more interesting to talk about in chat application and which are more suitable for chatting when meeting face to face. In this way, spending time with them in cyberspace and the real world will always feel warm, exciting, and not boring.

3. Pay Attention to The Movements

If you have been relieved or have been in touch for a long time, surely you can guess the routine of your relationship. Like the habit when chatting or how enthusiastic they are when you discuss certain things.

Now if you have used all kinds of ways to captivate them, but they have begun to be reluctant, such as starting to reply to old chats without clarity or beginning to be difficult to contact and be invited to meet for no reason, there is a possibility of you being hit by the ghosting.

But actually, you should not be offended quickly. Ghosting can sometimes really be a blessing. You might have just avoided a potential boyfriend who is not good for you in the future. Be thankful for that, and move on to find a new heart mooring.

7 Types of Guys to Avoid When Dating Online

7 Types of Guys to Avoid When Dating Online

On Twitter, citizens are busy talking about the love story of a user who meets an idol through an online dating application. She shared screenshots of her first conversation with her husband at Tinder and also a picture of him married to her husband 20 months later.

For these tweets, citizens become busy sharing their respective love stories when looking for luck, meeting a mate in an online dating application. There are many successful woman, but not a few who failed. Besides, you can find your luck apart from love by playing poker games. Presence of your luck can be proven by playing casino games like online poker or online roulette.

In order to get a love story that ends beautifully from online dating, there are a few tips you can do, you know. One of them away from the seven types of this guy.

1. Scammer

If your chat partner in an online dating application suddenly asks for money, hurry up and stay away! These predators use online dating sites only to take advantage of women who need attention.

After successfully getting your money, these men will slowly move away. There will be many reasons that he made before finally completely disappearing from your life.

2. Love bombers

The key is one: No one falls in love just because of your profile photo.

This type of man is passionate at the beginning. Send chat regularly. Ask questions frequently. He also often praise you and throw ragged sentences.

Be careful, girls, men who behave like this are usually a playboy, narcissistic, or even a sociopath.

3. Rusher

The third type of man you must avoid is the possessive type. Although only known through online dating applications, they do not hesitate to get angry if you long to reply to the message. In the end, they can take your freedom by starting to regulate you.

4. “Only here to …”

If a man puts up a “no looking for something serious” status on his profile, that is a sign that they are using an online dating application just for fun. They are not intended to find a partner and true love.

If you plan to find a life partner, you should avoid men like this.

5. Playboy

If the men you meet in online dating applications like to put up photos with different women, you should stay away. He could have claimed that the women were relatives, cousins, ​​or relatives. But, not necessarily that is true.

6. Mysterious

The characteristics of a mysterious man: Usually use a blurry profile photo, wear glasses or a hat, or do not use a profile photo at all.

It’s better to be careful with men like this. It could be that the man is hiding something, like already married or in a relationship with another person, for example.

7. The sexter

This type of man does not hesitate to send you pictures of him being naked or even his genitals. He also will not hesitate to ask you to do the same for him.

These men are only present to look for sexual partners alone. So, stay away if you aim to find a life partner.

Girls, here are seven types of guys you should avoid in online dating apps. Better to prevent than a broken heart later, right?

7 Reasons Why Some Men Would Rather Play Games Than Date You

A funny proverb that circulates widely among boys, which means that no matter how old the boys are, they must have a naughty attitude or a childish hobby. An example is playing games. Though already in college, working, already have a wife and even have children, their hobbies remain the same: Play games. Sometimes when invited to date or hangout, instead refuse and prefer to relax at home and play games. What’s with him and the game, anyway?

Sometimes, the game feels more exciting than the road with you

Yeah, this is a sad fact. But indeed sometimes the reality is so. But sometimes, you know. Only moments when a guy wants to focus on playing or doing ‘me time’ with his favorite games.

He is chasing ‘something’ that you want to achieve in the game

Either there are plus points to move up to the next level, advanced bonus equipment, weapon upgrades or the opening of some unlocked secret levels, the chance to get extra energy, and so on.

Some games can be used as a ‘moneymaker’

Yep, some games can be ‘cashed in,’ you know. Selling accounts, or swapping or buying, and selling equipment, for example. Who wants to refuse? Do what you like and get more money!

The mood is really ugly. And the game can improve the mood

Well, if the mood says no, what else can I do. The feeling is just going to play games again at home. We girls, continue to watch drama or grooming tutorial, let’s go on YouTube.

He is having fun playing with his friends

Guys won’t want to exchange the moment of fun with their friends for the way with us. Let’s go together later. Play with friends? Must now. Impressed selfish. But indeed, we have to allow him occasionally to exclaim with his friend. During positive activities, why not?

Again battle or compete

They also sometimes choose to stay in front of the laptop with the games because they are fighting, aka competing against other players or other teams. Calculations to show skill and practice the ability to play games that have been built since the first.

They get ‘benefits’ from playing games

The game was made not perfunctory, you know. Some games are made to train ‘players’ in logic, set strategy, vigilance, agility, dexterity, and also cohesiveness with his team. Not bad, right?

5 Tricks to Seduce Men Without Being Seen Bitchy

Ladies, in the Love Class, it’s already been told that it’s no longer the time for women to be shy when approaching men. We have always been made to not be too dominant in the approach, must maintain the image, have to sell expensive, have to wait alias do not start first.

But, yes, a man is not happy if you like him, you also give a signal or help the process he approached you? Because here, when we like men and instead decide to be overpriced, it’s just as difficult to approach the process with him. Logically, you like him, but instead, you tell him to come near you.

Not only him, but Ladies can also tempt you. You can do it as long as it isn’t overdone. Well, what is the trick about teasing men without looking bitchy or embarrassing you?

Body Language

You don’t need to tease him with words if you’re not ready, or you might be confused about how to say it. Just use your body language, like crossing your legs when chatting and walking with high heels gracefully is a pretty powerful way.

Playing hair

It’s a big mistake to twist your hair to get them interested, Ladies. You’re no longer a schoolboy who teases in that way. Now and then shake your beautiful hair or let the wind blow once in a while, then trim it with your fingers. Pure and not impressed bitchy.

Laugh nearby

Flirting with men isn’t just about sexy gazes. I make sure that all men are with cheerful and cheerful women. Make him feels happy and always want to be close to you. Laugh near him; that way, he will feel you are the most pleasant woman. Make him fascinated by your smile, especially if you have well-tended white teeth.

Looking a minute and blushed

All men like to be admired, including by you, who was crushed him all this time. For that, occasionally, while chatting with him, sit next to or in front of him. Look at him for a few seconds while pretending to listen more to his face and smile, then lower your head slightly and develop a faint smile on your lips. In his heart, he must be blushing too!

Make your clothes

Most men do like sexy women, but Ladies again does not mean you spit your whole body for him. Dress politely and smartly. When dating with him, sit up straight and trim your skirt. That way, he will think that you are a smart, fashionable woman, but still, maintain politeness.

Don’t do it on Social Media

Hmm … if this one is for sure, you shouldn’t do it. Even though you and he have been flirting with each other in text messages or on the phone, it doesn’t mean he is comfortable when you are flirting with him on social media because, after all, you are still approaching and introducing each other. If you insist on teasing him in cyberspace, those in him will flee and will no longer approach you.

No excessive

For example, right now, you are on a date with a handsome man with a million charms where inevitably he also often gets praise. And it’s not your job to seduce him continuously even though he seems to like you. Give your usual praise or admiration. Do not overdo it because later, he will be afraid, make it look natural. That way, he will be curious and even addicted to getting praise or seduction from you.

Do These 5 Tips for Your First Date So You Won’t be Nervous

Everyone must try to find true love. There is that, who wants to be single forever?

There are many ways to find a partner, starting from ‘those who know themselves’ until ‘who do not know themselves.’ Like, ask to be introduced by friends or family to try online dating applications.

If you want to have a partner, you will need to be called an exploratory approach. Those times are what will determine whether or not your relationship will lead to a more serious one.

There is a way to make a good impression when you do approach, especially if you just met the crush. Try, pay attention to the following tips to make him have a crush on you.

Dress modestly

To form a first impression, you have to make a good impression. You don’t want to after you meet him, your relationship ends?

So, please use neat and polite clothes. Don’t be ashamed yet. Not everyone can accept your appearance unless they have known you for a long time.

Let the Discussion Topic Flow

If you have decided to meet with him, you better not prepare any questions or topics of conversation. Why? The problem is, if you prepare, the conversation will not flow, and it will seem stiff. Don’t let him think you’re interviewing him to come to work.

You can try to play multiplayer games to kill the boredom or bring the cards to play some card games like Texas Hold’em Poker. If you forgot, you can always play it online. If by chance both of you like football matches, you can watch it together and even chip in your money together to bet online in your favorite sites for your football team match. The excitement will surely melt your awkward situation.

Make sure you are ready to meet

Before deciding to meet, make sure you are ready to start a relationship. Even though you don’t know where your relationship will go, but in the approach period, you need to meet and chat.

Usually, meeting and chatting is a good start for the future, rather than you just chatting through the chat application if you are ready when the first date doesn’t come late, okay.

Stare at the eyes when talking

Looking at the other person’s face or eyes is important, you know. Because, if your view leads to a particular object or even to the smartphone screen, you will also think that you are not interested in your conversation.

Not looking into the other person’s eyes also shows that you are not polite. Remember, eyes speak.

Don’t Talk about Ex-girlfriend

This is one topic that does not need to be discussed at all. The thing is, if he is interested in you and you are still talking about the ex, then he will run away and look for the others.

Indeed, anyway, if you do not match mate. But, how much better, the topic about your ex talking about when your relationship has begun to approach a serious direction, yes. Have you said anything about your ex, you killed yourself?

Foods That are Suitable for Eating on The First Date

The first date is usually the most eagerly awaited moment. The one he met was the most nervous. So-called, because this moment can determine your first impression in front of her.

For this reason, during the first date, you must pay attention to a few things to run perfectly. One of them is food.

Believe it or not, food choices can also determine whether your first date is perfect or not. Instead of getting an unforgettable impression, your first date can be messy because the food you choose makes you awkward, makes you smell bad, and even ruin your appearance.

Then, what foods should be consumed during the first date? Next Susan Dunn summarizes it for you.


Pizza can also be the right choice to eat on the first date. Besides having a delicious taste, pizza is also effective at building conversations between you and your partner.

Choose pizza with toppings that are not too diverse. In addition to being easy to eat, this topping pizza will also not make messy makeup or tuck on your teeth.

Mini pasta

Ordering pasta during the first date is beautiful. However, we recommend ordering pasta with mini or small sizes. Why? Because pasta with mini size is easy to bite and will not damage the makeup. Moreover, you also can still chat casually with her.

Chicken fingers

Everyone indeed loves this boneless fried chicken. Besides having a soft, crispy texture, chicken fingers are also efficient when eaten.

Just like pizza, this food can also be ordered sharing while chatting engrossed with a partner. To be more full, complete with fried potatoes.


Salad can be the right choice for consumption on the first date. Besides being packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals, salads are also easy to eat and won’t damage your makeup.

The added value, eating these foods during the first date will give the impression that you are very concerned about health. Interesting right?


This Japanese food can also be an option to eat on the first date. Sushi is packed with a beautiful appearance and certainly practical when eaten. So, it won’t damage the makeup.

Even so, you have to be careful when dipping sushi in soy sauce. If not, splattered sweet or salty soy sauce can pollute the shirt.

That’s the five foods that should be eaten on the first date. Aside from the five foods, do you think there are other foods you should eat on the first date? Let’s share!

Online Dating Application that is Popular Among Dating Couples

The development of innovation in the world of technology helped make it easier for people to find a mate. Download the online dating application, fill in, and complete your data, swipe right or left, chat until you feel comfortable and sure to meet, then let the heart speak.

The presence of online dating applications seems to be a ‘savior’ those who are preoccupied with work and activities, so they do not have time to socialize or find a partner. Not only as a ‘savior,’ online dating sites and applications are also a fun game area for those who are just fad looking for new friends or as time fillers. Susan noted 7 online dating applications are widely used by them the matchmaker in cyberspace. What are these applications?


Who doesn’t know Tinder? Many successful couples have ended up happy because of Tinder. This online dating application is known for its swipe left and swiped right features. Tinder can be used based on distance and location. You can also read short info written by each user.

If you want to be more serious about finding a mate, you can use Tinder Plus or Tinder Premium, aka a subscription. Who knows, your chances of finding a mate will be wider.


Hinge is said to be similar to Tinder. Many people say that Hinge is the ‘younger brother’ of Tinder. Hinge retrieves data from Facebook friends to make new connections.

After signing up by integrating into your Facebook account and filling in your data, you must answer a few basic questions by right swipe and left swipe. Just like Tinder, you must match first if you want to send a message to the opposite sex.


Another dating application that is no less interesting is OkCupid. You can register without having to use Facebook, then choose a username and fill in your profile completely. Besides, there are several questions you must answer to determine the percentage of matches with the criteria of the opposite sex that you are looking for.

OkCupid can also search for opposite sex based on location, distance, or certain specifications such as hobbies, favorite foods, to favorite movies. Meanwhile, to send a message to the opposite sex, you must give likes to their profile, they can immediately send a message.

This application also provides paid features for those of you who want to be more serious and accurate in looking for a date. You will get various priority features, such as knowing who sees your profile and who sends likes to you.


Bumble is similar to Tinder but has a slightly different function. If some men and women match each other, then the woman must send the message first to the man. The men have 24 hours to respond to the message, and if there is no response, the match will be deleted automatically.

This application is also known as a woman-friendly online dating application because it places women as the first decision-maker. This method is carried out to provide security for women who are vulnerable to violence or sexual harassment through unwanted messages.


The match was present far before Tinder in the form of the site. Here you can send ‘wink’ as a sign that you are interested in the profile you are viewing. This application will also bring up many matches that fit your criteria.

If you want to be serious about finding a mate through this application, you can subscribe at 21 US dollars or Rp. 300 thousand per month. By subscribing, you can see who is snooping on your profile and getting more lists of matches. If you don’t want to pay, Match is also available for free but with limited features.

Coffee Meets Bagels

Unlike other online dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel only allows women to see the profile of men who have swiped right or liked their profile. In one day, you will only be treated to five male profiles that you can choose from.
For those of you who like swipe left-swipe right, this application might not be suitable for you given the limited profile displayed. But if you intend to be serious about finding a mate, maybe Coffee Meets Bagels are worth trying.


Happn’s online dating application uses locations and distances close to each other to bring up profiles of the opposite sex that might interest you. If you like the opposite sex, you can press the ‘Charm’ button as a marker, so he knows you want it. And if both are equally interested, then that’s where the conversation can begin.

Words You Might Listen to in Online Dating

The more sophisticated the technology, the more ways you can also make acquaintances with the opposite sex to speed you free from single status.

Because of the large number of people who use online dating application services, you can get acquainted via chat which will then continue to meet directly if deemed suitable.

Reported by the Times of India, there are some terms that you need to be aware of in the approach stage in online dating. Your online date also has many ways to approach you, some of which might be as below.


In this term, pocketing means pocketing or hiding your partner. You try to protect your identity, face, and all of its contents from the reach of the public, family, and friends.

This might make your partner think that you are not serious about him or are embarrassed by him or it could be the reason you do it for fear of competing with someone who is more disheartened than you.


To attract the opposite sex, especially in the use of online dating applications, you are advised to install the best photos, the most cursed, the most beautiful or as beautiful as possible.

Unfortunately for the sake of attracting the opposite sex to swipe right, you are willing to put up photos with faces filled with the help of Snapchat or Instagram filters. Some are willing to use old photos of him to cover his age and even his original weight.

These are all Kittenfishing actions, and you are just cheating your date by faking the authenticity of your face. What happens if you meet later, they won’t be able to accept your real faces? Failed to change status this year.


Open the Instagram application has become a habit for everyone, but if it’s used for stalking people, it looks a bit scary, yeah. Using online dating services is like fumbling for one’s character and personal life.

Someone can be called doing Tindstagramming (Tinder and Instagram), which is the behavior carried out after meeting someone from Tinder and deliberately looking for information about him through Instagram.

Slow Fade

Not as mystical as the term ‘Ghosting,’ this term allows you to disappear from the crush slowly, you rarely make it, the interaction of phone calls or chat is also reduced, and others.
Even more painful, then he will never know what the reason you disappear slowly is. Supposing, being tortured slowly is more painful, you know.

Cookie Jarring

This term you mean to make your partner like a chocolate cake that you put in a jar. Similar to cheating, you make this third person as an option or a backup so that in case there is a problem with the main partner, you already immediately find a replacement. Ugh!

First Thoughts Plus Minus Online Dating Application Before You Download the Application

Before you decide to download an online dating application of choice and join the user community, it helps you to consider and know first the advantages and disadvantages of using an online dating application. Here we will review the pluses and minuses of online dating applications:

The plus point of online dating

  • Add new friends
    If at first, you want to add more friends, of course, with this application you will get a wider connection and potentially bring positive benefits such as work or good relations.
  • Get friends who have the same hobby
    If you find a suitable friend to chat with, of course, this will make you feel comfortable and ultimately have friends who have the same hobby.
  • Save time and money
    Through online dating, of course, we will increasingly save time and money. Because we do not need to bother inviting a date to meet in a restaurant, mall, or other entertainment venues. We can freely chat whenever and wherever we want while connected this application.
  • Reduces grogginess
    Some of us have experienced nervous or nervous things when doing PDKT directly. But that won’t happen if we do it through online dating. We can comfortably chat with the opposite sex without having to worry about feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
  • Get a match
    The ultimate and ultimate goal for people who are serious about looking for a partner through online dating, what else if not to get a mate? Indeed, there is no accurate data on the exact number of successful couples to the level of marriage. However, there are still some who are lucky to get a mate thanks to this online dating application.

Minus the value of online dating

  • The information (photo, biodata, and address) listed may be fake
    This is because we do not know the true figure of the person spoken to online. Information in the form of photos or biodata is only the outer skin. However, the nature and personality of the opposite sex cannot be known. We can only chat with people who intend evil.
  • Falsification of relationship status
    This is one of the biggest concerns when using online dating. We don’t know the true status of the person we’re talking to. People can lie that they are single, even though they are married.
  • Privacy issues
    If you include your real home address and e-mail address, even your complete data, this could be used for wild things. For that, do not easily include or provide personal data to someone we just met online to prevent fraud.
  • Not guaranteed to get a match
    Keep in mind, and this is only a help service for you to find a partner. Not that this will guarantee you 100% success in getting a mate. If it matches, you can move on to more serious relationships, if it doesn’t, then the opportunity will be closed.
  • Resistant to fraud
    Scams often occur if we trust someone we know online. We can be victims of material deception (money), dealing with someone who turns out to be married or offered a job that turns out to lead to human trafficking (human trafficking).
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