5 Tricks to Seduce Men Without Being Seen Bitchy

Ladies, in the Love Class, it’s already been told that it’s no longer the time for women to be shy when approaching men. We have always been made to not be too dominant in the approach, must maintain the image, have to sell expensive, have to wait alias do not start first.

But, yes, a man is not happy if you like him, you also give a signal or help the process he approached you? Because here, when we like men and instead decide to be overpriced, it’s just as difficult to approach the process with him. Logically, you like him, but instead, you tell him to come near you.

Not only him, but Ladies can also tempt you. You can do it as long as it isn’t overdone. Well, what is the trick about teasing men without looking bitchy or embarrassing you?

Body Language

You don’t need to tease him with words if you’re not ready, or you might be confused about how to say it. Just use your body language, like crossing your legs when chatting and walking with high heels gracefully is a pretty powerful way.

Playing hair

It’s a big mistake to twist your hair to get them interested, Ladies. You’re no longer a schoolboy who teases in that way. Now and then shake your beautiful hair or let the wind blow once in a while, then trim it with your fingers. Pure and not impressed bitchy.

Laugh nearby

Flirting with men isn’t just about sexy gazes. I make sure that all men are with cheerful and cheerful women. Make him feels happy and always want to be close to you. Laugh near him; that way, he will feel you are the most pleasant woman. Make him fascinated by your smile, especially if you have well-tended white teeth.

Looking a minute and blushed

All men like to be admired, including by you, who was crushed him all this time. For that, occasionally, while chatting with him, sit next to or in front of him. Look at him for a few seconds while pretending to listen more to his face and smile, then lower your head slightly and develop a faint smile on your lips. In his heart, he must be blushing too!

Make your clothes

Most men do like sexy women, but Ladies again does not mean you spit your whole body for him. Dress politely and smartly. When dating with him, sit up straight and trim your skirt. That way, he will think that you are a smart, fashionable woman, but still, maintain politeness.

Don’t do it on Social Media

Hmm … if this one is for sure, you shouldn’t do it. Even though you and he have been flirting with each other in text messages or on the phone, it doesn’t mean he is comfortable when you are flirting with him on social media because, after all, you are still approaching and introducing each other. If you insist on teasing him in cyberspace, those in him will flee and will no longer approach you.

No excessive

For example, right now, you are on a date with a handsome man with a million charms where inevitably he also often gets praise. And it’s not your job to seduce him continuously even though he seems to like you. Give your usual praise or admiration. Do not overdo it because later, he will be afraid, make it look natural. That way, he will be curious and even addicted to getting praise or seduction from you.

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