7 Reasons Why Some Men Would Rather Play Games Than Date You

A funny proverb that circulates widely among boys, which means that no matter how old the boys are, they must have a naughty attitude or a childish hobby. An example is playing games. Though already in college, working, already have a wife and even have children, their hobbies remain the same: Play games. Sometimes when invited to date or hangout, instead refuse and prefer to relax at home and play games. What’s with him and the game, anyway?

Sometimes, the game feels more exciting than the road with you

Yeah, this is a sad fact. But indeed sometimes the reality is so. But sometimes, you know. Only moments when a guy wants to focus on playing or doing ‘me time’ with his favorite games.

He is chasing ‘something’ that you want to achieve in the game

Either there are plus points to move up to the next level, advanced bonus equipment, weapon upgrades or the opening of some unlocked secret levels, the chance to get extra energy, and so on.

Some games can be used as a ‘moneymaker’

Yep, some games can be ‘cashed in,’ you know. Selling accounts, or swapping or buying, and selling equipment, for example. Who wants to refuse? Do what you like and get more money!

The mood is really ugly. And the game can improve the mood

Well, if the mood says no, what else can I do. The feeling is just going to play games again at home. We girls, continue to watch drama or grooming tutorial, let’s go on YouTube.

He is having fun playing with his friends

Guys won’t want to exchange the moment of fun with their friends for the way with us. Let’s go together later. Play with friends? Must now. Impressed selfish. But indeed, we have to allow him occasionally to exclaim with his friend. During positive activities, why not?

Again battle or compete

They also sometimes choose to stay in front of the laptop with the games because they are fighting, aka competing against other players or other teams. Calculations to show skill and practice the ability to play games that have been built since the first.

They get ‘benefits’ from playing games

The game was made not perfunctory, you know. Some games are made to train ‘players’ in logic, set strategy, vigilance, agility, dexterity, and also cohesiveness with his team. Not bad, right?

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