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Read my article about Internet dating on The Closer.

I specialize in clarity -- effective and FAST coaching.  One-time sessions are fine.  Usually we can accomplish what you need in that amount of time.  At any rate, I do not require a contract.  You know best what you need.  If you prefer calling as need arises, we can accomplish the same thing. 

"Emotional Intelligence" should be a commitment of a couple of months, because that's what it takes, and it includes an Internet course.   

With midlife dating I hope you will call often.  Men and women both are hooked into self-sabotaging patterns, which will be explained to you, and then if you think you're about to "do it again," CALL ME and I'll tell you.  Finding the right partner for you is too important.  Give it the time it takes and give yourself the best chance.

For coaching, call + 1-800-445-2620 or EMAIL ME.  I will respond promptly if not available at that time..  


B.A., English Literature, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Founding Member, CoachVille
Member, International Coach Federation
Member, SA Professional Coaches Association
Certified Teleclass Instructor
Founder, EQ Alive! Coach Certification Program, training and certifying coaches internationally (see some of the graduates here)

From a Client:

"I know I am progressing with your coaching.  I am sure this is not the first time you have heard this but I believe you have the heart of a fairy godmother and the mind of a CEO -- make that a Fortune 500 CEO." -- Stay Blessed, Dr. Bonnie G., Chicago, IL


Focusing on your immediate and long-term goals, we work in the areas of relationships, midlife dating, career advancement and fulfillment, midlife transition, life balance, decisions, wellness, change-proficiency, resiliency coaching, positive psychology, optimism, team building, leadership -- happiness.  EQ is woven into the coaching experience - a value-added extra.

In addition, you can take an EQ program, or work on special EQ competencies, such as intuition, resilience, or personal power.  If you take The EQ-MAPô you can see which ones need improvement.    

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"Your lessons, art, music, words and encouragement are making me see  once again.  I've been reborn ... hallelujah."   --Jane Juda, Canada

"You gave me results, and that is what I need." -- Lenore McG.

"You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it."  -- Robert Anthony


I'm a Founding Member of CoachVille. 

Founder and Director of EQ Alive! training and certifying EQ coaches worldwide.   

I'm a member of CoachVille's R&D team, the largest coaching thinktank worldwide. The CoachVille R&D Team is an intellectual factory and provides significant levels of feedback and strategic input in the design, crafting, testing and perfecting of the intellectual property -- and operations -- of CoachVille. 


Member, Coaching Circles Community, dedicated to the best coaching practices 

National and Local Chapter member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)  Click on logo for more information.

Member, San Antonio Professional Coaches Association.  Click on logo to read more about my local organization and how we're learning and growing.


I'm a trained teleclass leader and offer teleclasses on various topics.  I can train you in your teleclass skills as well!  

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