Anger Management through Emotional Intelligence

Anger Management course online that helps you control your anger and addresses the causes of the anger.
Based on clinical experience and empirical evidence.  Learn with the Emotional Intelligence expert, Susan Dunn, M.A.

At last, in the maze of "anger management" courses, Susan Dunn, international expert on emotional intelligence has released the Anger Management through Emotional Intelligence course. 

There are a lot of anger management courses out there, and it's hard for the consumer to know how to pick one that works.  This Anger Management through Emotional Intelligence brings to bear Dunn's years of clinical experience and all the scientific, empirical evidence (facts) that back Emotional Intelligence.

Most Anger Management courses are too simplistic to help.  We have learned that "anger" may cause the problem, and most courses talk about how to control your anger.  There are few of us who haven't heard about "count to ten," and then the different REST -acronym program - Repeat, Exhale, Stop, Think.  There I just made one up.

But it's the generating of the anger that causes the problem.  This course covers neuroscience so you can understand where this is all coming from, and why, and then what to do about it.

This course is a higher level course than most that are offered.  We feel that because you want to learn more about anger management, it doesn't mean you're dumb, and if you're going to pay our money and take a course, you might as well get more than you paid for.

This course will help you for many years, with all the emotions in your life, including if you think you don't have any and it's the other person's problem, or they are what is making you mad.

To take the Anger Management through Emotional Intelligence course, click HERE.