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Susan Dunn has an MA in Clinical Psychology and is qualified to administer and report on most tests and assessments.  CLICK HERE to skip immediately to emotional intelligence test, relationship quiz, personality test, resilience assessment, motivation, career information, career transition, and more. 

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Susan has been chosen Adult and Senior Development Expert by SelfGrowth, the largest self help portal on the Internet, rated #1 by google and yahoo.  Visit her at SelfGrowth HERE.


KEEP IT SIMPLE - EMAIL ME or call 817-734-1471 & find out fast

emotional intelligence test

Take the EQ-Map™, the best emotional intelligence test out there.  Overall scrore and breakdown on strengths and weakness.  For distance learning courses on these competencies, arranged to fit your schedule, please go here.  
Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?
The brain is composed of two hemispheres. Which one dominates you? Take this test and find out.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
This test will help you discover which way, and to what extent, you are either a pessimist or optimist.
How Smart Are Your Emotions?
This test rates your ability to regulate your emotions in a healthy and balanced manner.

One-time consultation, weekly coaching sessions, full EQ Alive! Program -- it's your call.

Take the EQ-Map then call for a consultation.  Assessments, distance learning, email, phone.  Learn from the EQ expert, Susan Dunn.  EMAIL ME to get started.   I coach on relationships, career, success, stress management, wellness, step-parenting, leadership, bullying, emotional intelligence, balance, happiness, transition, retirement, and more. 


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"Club Vivo Per Lei / I Live for Music" - delicious selections for the music-lover in you - let me soothe the savage beast ... purrr


Includes 3 assessments to tell you your personal assets, skills and strong suits, a Personal Assets ecourse, and one 1+1/2 hour coaching session for $250.    

"I wish I'd done this 20 years ago.  It would've saved me a lot of grief."   -- J. Douglas Abercrombie, III, Owner  Abercrombie Mercantile 

"This Distance Learning Course has been fabulous.  I am finally seeing that what I thought were my weaknesses actually are the radiant gems of my truth.  This is so freeing!  Thank you, Susan!"  ~ Nancy Mehegan

To take the Strengths course only, go here.

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"I bet you never helped someone so fast in your coaching career."  -- Lenore McG., Business Owner

Leonore had one session.  She pops back in from time-to-time.  You can too!

  EQ-MAP™  The best EQ assessment test out there.  Measures your emotional intelligence so you can improve your weak areas. 
Click HERE to take the Essi Systems EQ-Map™  

Are you stressed out?  If so, you can't do y
How Smart Are Your Emotions?
This test rates your ability to regulate your emotions in a healthy and balanced manner.
How Smart Are Your Emotions?
This test rates your ability to regulate your emotions in a healthy and balanced manner.
How Smart Are Your Emotions?
This test rates your ability to regulate your emotions in a healthy and balanced manner.
our best work.
How about some Mind Tools?


I am qualified to administer over 100 assessments, including:  All 360° Surveys, Coach, Leadership, Player, Professional Employment Test, Personal Competencies Inventory, Manchester Personality Questionnaire, Team Development Profile, Leadership Assessment Survey, Pre-Employment Screening Assessments, Personal Style Indicator, Coaching Style Inventory, Manchester Personality Inventory, Stress Symptoms Checklist and more.

This profile shows how the "real" you aligns with the person you're required to be in your present job.  The closer the two are aligned, the happier and less stressed you'll be and likely, the more successful.  


  THE STRESS MAP®  Copyright:  ESSI Systems

Scientifically valid, confidential tool for you to assess your stress and your skills for turning stress into performance.  $15.95 each. Click here.

  THE RESILIENCY MAP  Copyright:  ESSI Systems

Explore your resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning. Questionnaire, Scoring Grid, and Inter-
pretation Guide.  Resilience is an important EQ competency.  $19.95 each.

I'm a Resilience Coach and will be glad to help you develop your resiliency through coaching. 

   FIND OUT IF YOU'RE AN INTROVERT OR AN EXTRAVERT.  Order HERE and test will be emailed to you.  Price of $50 includes test results and full interpretation.  Career oriented as well as personal suggestions. 
   SIGNATURE STRENGTHS HERE  Mini-version about values, not the same as Strengths(R). 
Values-based and tells you your character strengths.  To take it, go HERE.    

     "You are a very special person--become what you are."
--Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu, Novel Prize Peace winner

     This is also known as the Myers-Briggs 

Find out if you're an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist.  Find out if you're an introvert or an extravert.  This is the one people are talking about when they say "I'm an iNfp."  This is used in career development programs at Fortune 500 companies and in counseling centers and career placement centers at major universities. Go HEREHere you can read more about the test. Take the Temperament Sorter here.

 CLICK HERE to order "Please Understand Me," by Keirsey and Bates.  If you're an iNfp, visit TheIntrovertzBlog.


Crucial to how you process information, how you learn, how you communicate.  It's one of the major ways people differ that you need to know about in order to succeed.  


and take free EQ test.  This is not a substitute for THE EQ MAP, but is instructional.  It asks you questions about how you handle anger, jealousy, love and other emotions.  Please don't just take an assessment like this and leave it there.  Let me show you how to make the most use out of this information.      

Take the time to create your own Personal Mission Statement™.  This can help you identify the first, most important roles, relationships and things in your life, and will be a touchstone for you as you make decisions.   Offered by Franklin Covey, it's a great start for a North Star to guide your life by. 

Reveals natural motivations and talent for work, takes 15 mins.  

Tells you how much stress you're under.  Because it's a classic it doesn't list some of the current-day stressors.  About half the stressors we have today aren't even listed (i.e., blended families, losing your 401k in the stock market, bankruptcy, terrorism, hurricane, war, adult child back home, having custody of your grandchildren, ...)  

Chances are you're on this site because you're stressed and want to learn how to handle it better! While you're learning about your emotional and mental state, please address the physical side.

ARBONNE's Get Well Soon Dietary Supplement should be called Stay Well.  It's technologically-advanced formula of herbs and other ingredients proven to support your immune system.
This and EQ are all you need.  Be proactive.  Start taking this today.  Build the resilience in, just like you do with EQ.  Arbonne.  It works.  Engineered by the Swiss, mfg. in the US.  (Why not become a distributor and get your product at 35% off?  Click HERE.)


Optimism is the facilitator of all the emotional intelligence competencies.  Optimists lives longer, healthier and happier lives, and it's a skill you can learn.  Click HERE for Optimism Assessment.  Click HERE for online Optimism course.  

Susan is an Optimism coach; it's an EQ competency, and you'll be delighted what a month or two of coaching can do for you!  EMAIL ME now.

.  There are 8 different "intelligences" - things like naturalist intelligence, and  kinesthetic intelligence.  Find out more about yours.    

Go here.

If you need resiliency coaching, you're at the right place.  Susan is a Resilience Coach and can help you build this crucial life skill.

emotionale Intelligenztrainieren und Abstand Lernenkurse.
Beweglichkeit, Lebensmitteübergang, Karriere


Want to become a certified EQ coach?  I train people internationally who want to get into this exciting field.  EMAIL ME for information on this fast, affordable, comprehensive, no-residency program.  Start immediately.


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