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From Sue Johnson:  "Participating in EQ Alive! was transformational for me ..." (read the rest of the review)

We have trained and certified coaches in Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Wales, Singapore, all over the US, the Philippines, Bermuda, the UK, Scotland, Canada, 

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Iron Man
Paul Riehemann is a mechanical engineer and former energy industry employee with a master's degree in business administration. He hosts the blog discussion site Solve 4 Biggies and coaches wellness and fitness.  He has participated in 9 Iron Man competition


Ph: +64 3 3375069; 02155675

B.A.(Soci), B.Theol, Dip. Tchg., Certified EQ Coach, Life, Business & Spiritual Coach ... working with emotional intelligence for work-life balance and life satisfaction.  Personal coaching, EQ, a life well lived, spiritual intelligence (SQ), small business coaching and more.  

Linda was motivated to build the Life Design Network because of her belief in working in connection with others. An entrepreneur, businesswoman, part-time theologian, integral thinker, mother and grandmother, she has worked in management and marketing, established businesses in the career and complimentary health fields and has worked closely with a variety of small businesses for 25 years.  




Yvette has spent many years bridging the gaps between education, psychology and counseling, and finding more integrative ways for living fully.   She offers communication and life skills, empathy support and strategies for better living.  Her experiences living in South Africa, teaching in Egypt and Indonesia, and counseling in the UK, have resulted in a broad multi-cultural perspective on families, parenting and couples.  In her work with teachers, families and schools, she holds a strong commitment to helping people embrace life-enriching changes through compassionate understanding between people with differing needs.  She specializes in working with couples in conflict, and in facilitating movement towards more life-serving educational and family systems. 


KIRAN BALA, MBA, Director of Orane Opportunities Unlimited, and consultant with Right Flow India - bringing emotional intelligence to India, Malaysia, and Singapore.  With a career in business and marketing, Kiran became a certified EQ coach in 2006, and has joined Orane Opportunities Unlimited to bring EQ to India, Malaysia and Singapore.  A resident of New Delhi, she'll be focusing on the India market, where the booming economy has created a crucial need for emotional intelligence in the workplace.   

"India is a booming economy," says Kiran, "with GDP growth estimated to be 7% this year.  With the huge influx of MNCs, the need for leaders is more than ever.  However the current corporate scenario in India is full of managers and not leaders.  There is a continuous need to enhance the human potential and help them become leaders in life with emotional intelligence."


DERILENE MC CLOUD, Washington, D. C. 
BA, Communications, Rutgers University
Leadership, Diversity & Organizational Effectiveness, 

3418 Gateshead Manor Way, Studio 302
Silver Spring , MD   20904  301.847.8026

Derilene is a certified EQ Coach, a certified DiSC, Prospector, SKILLSCOPE facilitator, and member of the International Association of Coaches, the Center for Creative leadership, and the Leader-to-Leader Institute.  In addition to her popular seminars and workshops, she coaches individuals and executives in various areas, and also works in Corporate Partnering.   


PRANAV RACHH, CEO, Right Flow Training & Consulting.  Pranav has 5 years of highly successful and enriching work experince at Asian Paints, Ltd., one of the leading sales and marketing organizations in India.  Starting as an executive trainee, he became an Area Manageer managing parts of south India and later north India.  He then progressed to marketing.  In addition to training and consulting, he manages the family business. Pravan has a BE in Mechanical Engineering, and PGD in Business Administration.  He is the secretary of the Indian Society for Training & Development, Baroda Chapter.


Coaching Works, Inc.
Phone: 503-417-1895 | Fax 360-817-9036
PO Box 69264, Portland Oregon 97239

Kathleen Spike is the founder and CEO of Coaching Works, Inc., one of America's most successful coachin companies.  She has a BA in Business Management and Communication and is riding the wave of 26 years as a successful entrepreneur.  She is a Master Certified Coach and co-founded the ICF's Portland chapter.  

Kathleen is a dynamo who is known for her "can do" attitude.  She offers Business and Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Telecourses, Languaging Your Life, and Emotional Intelligence.




Graduate of Belgrade U., and fluent in Chinese, English and Serbian, Dalida settled in China in 1993.  Since then she has led, designed and supported Teambuilding, Vision, Values & Goals and Leadership programs for various multinational consulting companies in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.  She is a certified NLP Practitioner and certified EQ coach.

In addition to coaching and consulting, she keeps a special place for charitable activities. She is a social entrepreneur, who believes that not-for-profit and for-profit companies share some of the same business and management needs in order to be successful and is interested in implementing her skills and knowledge in these areas.



JUST COACH IT, devoted to excellence in coaching.

Telephone:  1-866-724-8797; EMAIL

Senior Advisor, Waterman Partners International Executive Consulting, Marketing & Outplacement - Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It, Executve Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring at the Speed of ChangeSenior Advisor, Waterman Partners International Executive Consulting, Marketing & Outplacement - Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It, Executve Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring at the Speed of ChangeNamed one of Coach Training Alliance's rising stars, Irene decided to add Emotional Intelligence to her mix in 2004.  Irene went from post-university dreams of an academic career to running a successful multi-million dollar steel business.  Co-author of the book Exploring Coaching, she now turns her extensive talents and avid attention toward helping others make their dreams come true.

Irene was chosen by the Federal Development Bank as one of 10 Top Canadian Career Women to set up the first mentorship program for women in the country, "Step Up."  She was the first woman Rotarian in Canada, and was chosen by Mark Victor Hansen in 2000 as one of his first millionaire eagles.  She is currently the Personal Development & Growth Expert for Enterprise Toronto, Toronto Economic Dev. Office, and Membership Co-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada.  

Life Coach

Sultan's coaching services include dating, personal, business, spiritual, sports performance.  He also offers EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Sultan says, "Life coaching is about building new bridges or repairing old ones.  It is interactive and it can be an enjoyable experience for client and coach.  EFT can be used for a variety of things like addiction, anxiety, trauma and physical ailments.  By tapping points on the body we are able to release energy blockages."  Sultan is also a Reiki practitioner. 

BETTY MAHALIK, Las Vegas, Nevada
BA, Broadcast Journalism
Dynamic Solutions ~
(702) 658-4425

Betty Mahalik, a personal and professional coach, trainer and facilitator, has been teaching people how to communicate effectively, set goals, manage stress and deal with change for more than 15 years. She founded her firm, Dynamic Solutions, in 1987.

A former television news reporter and anchorwoman, Betty worked for eight years in the field of public relations prior to starting her own business. For two-and-a-half years she served on the training staff of National Seminars, traveling coast -to-coast offering professional image and communication seminars to hundreds of participants. She has also taught both credit and non-credit courses at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Betty's clients include public utilities, convention groups, hotels, government agencies, professional organizations, non-profits, chambers of commerce, and a range of businesses-large and small.


TheSpiritOfLearning - Tel: 360-668-1954

A speaker, consultant/coach with mastery of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Experiential Learning and Relationship Management, Jean has 20 years of corporate management, consulting and training experience, and is the founder of Equine Experiential Education Association.  and American Production and Inventory Control Society.


"Participating in EQ Alive was transformational for me.  I signed up to "learn a little more about this concept of emotional intelligence." I got a whole lot more than than expected. I not only learned a lot about EQ, I found a model that links my work in face-to-face communication, employee engagement and leadership. Susan Dunn knows her stuff and is generous in sharing it with the course participants (who are, themselves, a very interesting lot). It is a very good learning experience."


Aided by her knack for cutting through the clutter and presenting ideas clearly and imaginatively, Sue's done almost everything a professional communicator can do. She helps you focus on what’s important and translates your ideas into actionable messages your audience will understand.

Sue is head coach at It's Understood, and offers consulting, coaching, training, MBTI, and writing.  Originally from Canada, she now resides in Bermuda.        

Check out Sue's BLOG.


JANET CARPENTER, Wellness & Weight Loss Coach, Houston, Texas

Janet coaches in many areas, sharing her zest for life and deep wisdom with many, but her passion is Wellness.  She specializes in optimal weight maintenance, nutrition and wellness.  

She says, "After thirty years of struggling with compulsive overeating and compulsive dieting I can offer anyone hope. I found joy in the journey and hold out a torch of hope to others knowing that you can overcome poor health or lose weight and keep it off forever. Change is possible. The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step."

Janet Before Janet After


Hearts & Minds Development Centre


Working to bring emotional intelligence to children. 


SHARON POWELL, Professional Life Coach, San Antonio, Texas 

Sharon is an experienced Professional Life Coach specializing in Life Design and professional and personal growth. She has 23 years of business management and human resources experience that she applies to partnering with her clients and in her business, Life Design Coaching.  

She offers individual coaching sessions, workshops and teleclasses to business professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, health care professionals, writers, and busy Moms seeking a sense of self and life balance. 


DOROTHY LARIOS. London and Athens
NVision Coaching,
In-person in London, phone and email in Greece
01293 550835
Coaching consultancy specializing in coaching, Emotional Intelligence competencies, life and executive coaching, corporate coaching, ADD, NHS Mentor and Facilitator.  

Dorothy formerly ran a volunteer organization for children with special needs with multicultural backgrounds.  She is experienced in working with adults with ADD and their challenges in the workplace.   

Dorothy says, "Through personal experience of major life changes, I coach those ready to build a new life after marriage breakdown, emotional fatigue, bullying and unfulfilled relationships. Adults with learning difficulties, low self esteem or those who have survived abuse and are ready for emotional development and a fresh start, will benefit from my style of coaching. I believe in the great power that we all hold!"


TRACEY A. MORRIS, MA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Therapist, Coach

Tracey likes to inspires, teach and guide her clients to joyously create a life they love.  She challenges them to become aware, support their spirit on the journey, and give their heart reason to rejoice.  

Tracey says that with her coaching, "You can expect to get clear on what you want personally and professionally, develop a strategy to create it and be encouraged through the process."


SUZANNE HOLMAN-BROWN, M.Ed., Phoenix, Arizona
877-808-5058 or 602-375-0617, mailto:

After an educational career teaching psychology, technology, and career guidance, Suzanne Holman Brown has trained as an Executive Development Coach & EQ Coach. Her specialty is working with Brainiacs who are geniuses at what they do and want to improve their communication and leadership skills to increase their effectiveness in the workplace. Her passion for taking research to a more understandable and usable form is evident as she works with coaching groups, teleclass audiences, and individual coaching clients. 


PAT SWAN, Ph.D., Swan & Associates, LLC,,  
W4168 Little Prairie Rd.
East Troy, WI 53120
Phone - 262-642-5706

Private coaching and training, workshops, seminars and follow-up training on Emotional Intelligence, Personal and Interpersonal Life Skills, Stress Management, Health and Well being.

Pat is a Professional Life Coach, EQ Coach, Corporate Trainer, Author, Professional Speaker, and Certified Teleclass Leader. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Pat has over 15 years professional experience with individuals, couples and groups.

She is the author of Watch Out!  Your Relationships Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, and  Sick Life, Well Life: Life Situations That Make You Sick and What You Can Do About Them.



Reach Certified Brand Strategist & Coach



JOHN PAYNE, Clergy, Therapist & Professor, 
Cardiff, Wales


Psychiatric Nurse & Administrator
Pembroke Pines, Florida
Originally from Trinidad and the UK

















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