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"Participating in EQ Alive was transformational for me.  I signed up to 'learn a little more about this concept of emotional intelligence.' I got a whole lot more than I expected. I not only learned a lot about EQ, I found a model that links my work in face-to-face communication, employee engagement and leadership. Susan Dunn knows her stuff and is generous in sharing it with the course participants (who are, themselves, a very interesting lot). It is a very good learning experience."   
Sue Johnston, CEQ


"Susan Dunn is a wonderful teacher of EQ competencies. She’s a great listener and she truly cares about her clients. Susan is a giver- she goes much more than “the extra mile” with her time and materials. It was a pleasure working with her and I recommend her very highly." -- Mindy Ash, Advantage Communications, President

"Susan's vast knowledge and expertise in the area of emotional intelligence is very evident in the content of the material and its presentation. The emotional support and encouragement throughout the course has given me the opportunity to see and experience the world with new eyes. I couldn't help being affected positively. Good fortune was smiling on me the day I discovered Susan's site. It's absolutely fabulous and full of inspiration and motivation. Touches my soul. Susan is a true leader."
    -- Jane Juda, Canada

As a middle manager, parent and spouse, I thoroughly enjoyed the EQ Foundation Course©.  Much, much more successful than any of my other on-line courses....EQ ties into wellness ... very relevant with issues we all face today."  Cam Howey, Stelco, Inc., Canada, Supervising Metallurgist

I started this course Dec. 2001 and was immediately hooked.  I anticipated each week's installment and was VERY impressed with the personal approach that Susan took.  I cannot endorse this program enough.  The insights it offers into the actions of ourselves and others has been invaluable."  --Pam Glover, coach

"Thanks, Susan.  Your work is engaging, imaginative, and extremely timely for my growth and business development as a coach.  You took dry, flat stuff and made it easy for me to learn.  I really respect your abilities."  --Kathleen Spike, business coach, Portland, Oregon

"Susan is good in whatever she does.  She teaches you how to handle your emotions intelligently.  She is a natural Pro."  -- J.M.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your lessons.  The amount of work you put into it is incredible.  Thanks for all the valuable material."  --Dr. Kathy M., director of rehab program, Duke University


Susan Dunn, Proficient Coach
MA, Clinical Psychology
Founding Member, CoachVille . + 1-800-445-2620 . EMAIL

"Emotional Intelligence, more than any other asset, more than IQ or technical expertise, is the most important overall success factor." 

                         Warren Bennis, Ph.D.,
                         Distinguished Prof. of Bus. Admin., USC

Susan is quoted in the February 09 issue of TIME MAgazine.  Click here to read the article.

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When you become an EQ Alive! certified coach, you join the best!  Certification available in most fields, just ask:  Relationship, Career, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Negotiation, Leadership, Personal Life, Life, Success ...

Long established and highly rated, we have certified coaches, mentors, trainers, clergy, consultants, managers, HR personnel, and educators all over the US, and in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Beijing India, Scotland, Wales, the Philippines, Trinidad, Singapore, Dubai, and Canada. 

Our program has been rated above 6 Seconds EQ Cert., EI Assessment and Development: MSCEIT Professional Certification, Bar-on Certification, TalentSmart, Silva and many others.


The Economic Value of EQ

--We have a proven track record.

--Our program is 100% flexible - we custom-design your program to fit your unique needs, and schedule sessions to accommodate your schedule.  Nights and weekends available.  Long-distance, or 1 1/2 day intensives.

--NO RESIDENCY.  We know you have better things to do with your money than pay for transportation and lodging.  We come to you.  You train in the comfort of your own home or office via Internet, email and telephone. 

--Program is fast, affordable and comprehensive.

--Individualized training.  You are not slowed down by a group.  You do not have to listen to something you already know or are not interested in.  You set your pace. 

--Highly interactive.  You will not find a program with your personalized instruction.   

--We consolidate different theories into one manageable format.

--We cover assessments as well as techniques.  Susan has a master's degree in clinical psychology from Trinity U., the #1 rated school in the Southwest, a program which included graduate level courses in Testing and Measurement.

--We will teach you how to be YOUR kind of coach, in your own unique style, using your unique talents and strengths. 

--We provide marketing instruction (if you desire).  Susan has 20 years of marketing experience.  You don't just want the certification, you want a successful practice.  We provide coaching in Internet marketing, PR, advertising, and promotion, public speaking, article-writing, website production or critique, domain name, host, SEO optimization, keyword, article-writing, becoming syndicated or an "expert" on a popular website, writing and launching ebooks, PayPal, bank transfer, affiliates, niche marketing, experience with international clientele, exchange linkage, blogs, and ezines.  (This website is rated in the top 1,000,000 with 19,000,000 links on the Internet.)

--We will teach you how to generate multiple revenue streams.   Multiple PASSIVE revenue streams.

--We provide materials for a Turnkey Setup.  We have available the core course and auxiliary courses and ebooks you can personalize or affiliate.

--We help you provide multiple revenue streams.

--Program is jargon-free, adaptable to any field, individuals or business

--Our program is empirically based.  We stay current in the fields of psychology, consulting, business, and personal growth, and provide you with the latest research-backed data.  This will be crucial is selling your services.

--We provide resources and support after the program. 


The basics are taught via a self-paced 12-module Internet, interactive course supplemented with weekly coaching call where we work on applications.   A reading list and other resources are provided continually.  You receive a subscription to Susan's ezines, plus EQ4U, bi weekly updates.  

We include:

  • The ethics of coaching.

  • How coaching differs from counseling, therapy, mentoring and other allied fields.

  • Why EQ matters

  • Assessments, pre- and post-measurements

  • Basic neuroaffective science (the brain science behind emotions)

  • Operationalizing the concepts

  • The 11 competencies

  • The cornerstone of EQ, and the facilitator of all the competencies

  • The EQ Checkin©

  • Crucial relationship of EQ to Wellness; how emotions effect the immune system

  • Only program to include great art, music and literature, known to be crucial to EQ

  • Applications - so you can address any concern a client brings to you

  • Jargon free, broadly applicable, simple, comprehensive and easy to facilitate

  • Gender differences in EQ; cultural differences

  • How juries think (in employment lawsuits, and re: the lawyers)

  • EQ by occupation (why lawyers think the way they do; what EQ competencies most CEOs have, and lack; what physicians get sued and why; lowest-ranked professions in terms of EQ

  • Balanced, whole-brain functioning

  • The master stress-buster

EQ can matter 7x as much to your success (personal and professional) as IQ, and it can be learned.  We know.  We teach it.

From this smorgasbord, we remove the confusion.  We listen to  your goals and aspirations, and shape the program to meet your needs.  Just tell us what you plan to do with this certification and we take it from there.

We have trained and certified people with interests including:  corporate, teaching children, individual coaching, management, physicians, mobbing, multicultural, addiction, clergy who counsel, clergy appointed to teach EQ to divinity students, therapists, and more.


"Analyses done by dozens of experts in 500 corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations worldwide conclude that emotional intelligence is the barometer of excellence in virtually any job."  (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

"Business leaders who maintain that emotions are best kept out of the work environment do so at their organization's peril."  (Id.)

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