Susan Dunn, M.A.

A different kind of coach.
A different kind of coaching program.

"What we're after is quality"

Suitable for many types of coaching: 
Relationship, Career, Leadership, Retirement, Wellness, Life Coach, Professional Coach, Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence, EQ, Step-Parenting, Parenting, Positive Psychology, Transition, Transformation, Negotiating, Conflict Resolution, ADHD, Healing,

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Rated #1
Come learn with the best.





We don't waste your time.  We don't slow you down with a group.  We don't repeat information you already know.
We take into consideration your unique qualifications, experience, credentials, and abilities.
All we ask is that you be the best and be serious about helping others.

Susan had trained coaches all over the world - US, UK, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Beijing, the Philippines, and more.

We know how to train and we do not waste your time.

If you need a group experience for some reason, look elsewhere. 

We train YOU.  We do it fast and we do it effectively.

We have trained some of the best coaches in the world.


We will show you how to market yourself and your practice.

We offer the marketing experience other programs ignore, or gloss over.
We don't throw it in at the end, we build it into the program.

Susan Dunn has had years of marketing, public relations, and advertising  experience in the corporate,
private sector, and social services.  She knows both Internet and traditional marketing.

Susan trained Nancy, gave her her niche, and put her on the Internet.
Nancy got 99,000 hits on her website in 2006.
(Ask Nancy)

  No other coaching program has a principle with this kind of experience
Check it out.

Through our affiliate, , we show you how to build a practice.

90% of coaches never make it through the first year.

This program offers what no other program does:


It has been suggested that all coaches be required to have training in psychology.
While this is not a requirement yet, we can offer you this basis.

Susan Dunn has a master's degree in clinical psychology
from Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, rated #1 in the Southwest.

The emotional intelligence basis of this program includes empirical data that has been researched.

You will be given resources, data, quotes, and research findings you will learn from
and can use when selling your program.  Your client, or the corporation you're making a proposal
to, doesn't care what YOU say, they want backup data.  Facts.  Research findings.

We provide this.


We tailor your program for YOU.  Intensive on-location training in Dallas and other
metropolitan areas can be arranged.  Train in a weekend. 

Contact Susan Dunn NOW.  817-741-7223.  817-734-1471.

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