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Client, Lulwa Al Marzooqi writes:  "Since I started learning emotional intelligence with Susan, I have noticed the following positive changes:

  • I am more patient in dealing with angry people.

  • The ability to empathize with others helps in being able to receive love from others

  • I get in less fights in conversations

  • It is easier for me to solve problems 

Dr. D. M:  Thank you Susan for being in my life...  In our dialogue it helps and reminds me about the type of relationships I intend to create going forward.  When we talk I feel so alive ...You open up a space where I can accept myself even more...But just in the few conversations we have had, it is changing my life and taking me emotionally and mentally to the levels where I need to be operating at and it is bringing such clarity for me.  5/05

"I got more out of one session with you than I got in 3 years of therapy."  -Tara F.

Susan, Thank you so much for your clear and useful thoughts.. at this time in our history.. you are one of the truly "best friends" we all have here in America.. and elsewhere.. Sincerely, Sam W."  (after 9/11) 

"Fast results."  -Timothy W.

  "I'd also like to say how delighted I am when I stumble across your various offerings.  They are all so intelligent in a cyber-sea of mediocrity.  Go, girl!  I'm even beginning to recognize your "voice."  I didn't know you had an ezine:  consider me a subscriber."  -Pi G.

"Thanks for that Susan, your a Gem.  You are full of wisdom and love ... and my wish for you is that you appear on Oprah :) its people like you who should be on there."  -Nadette B.

"Susan's vast knowledge and expertise in the area of emotional intelligence is very evident in the content of the material and its presentation. The emotional support and encouragement throughout the course has given me the opportunity to see and experience the world with new eyes. I couldn't help being affected positively. Good fortune was smiling on me the day I discovered Susan's site. It's absolutely fabulous and full of inspiration and motivation. Touches my soul. Susan is a true leader." -- Jane Juda, Canada

"Although I have not been able to email my feedback, I have appreciated your lessons (strengths) immensely and have passed your name and your essential lessons onto various colleagues and friends--your lessons with many examples are just so right for us as individuals and I am still in the process of reading and re-reading your messages.  In fact, if I'm having a really difficult day, then I return to your messages for inspiration...they always help and make a difference!  Many thanks for offering this type of service in sharing your knowledge with other on a global basis!  -- Vanessa Buchanan, UBR Foods & OLA Consumer Services, Unilever So. Africa

"YOU moooooooved me.  You got to the core immediately.  It's wonderful.  THANK YOU.  Catch my dust."  --Kelly D.

"Susan is good in whatever she does.  She teaches you how to handle your emotions intelligently.  She is a natural Pro."  -- Ajit Manek, The United Arab Emirates

"I found Susan's course refreshing and quite interesting.  It's clear that she knows her subject, believes in it and is really committed to quality and her specialty.  Highly recommended to all!"  -- Dr. Edward Blomgren, Denver Colorado

"You are simply amazing Dear Susan and I want to have you be my role model."  -Jilly S., the UK

  "You're fantastic.  You have turned my life around." -Doug A., Alabama

"I find your emotional support warming, encouraging, and enlightening.  From the bottom of my heart ... thanks."  -Jane J.

  "Just a very quick note to say thank you for being YOU.  I just know you are a fabulous woman and I long to know you better."  -J.S.

  "Susan got me through a rough transition.  I got through this one with successful outcome and also will be able to handle transitions better in the future."  -- Emilil J.

  "Happy Thanksgiving Susan.  Thanking God for you.  Wishing you love and laughter." --Michelle

"Dear Susan, First honestly you are a star.  Thank you for doing that."  -Beena A., India

  "Words can not express my gratitude for your listening ear.  Please pray for me.  You have already made a difference.  Thank you for all that you do.  :)"  -Christy H. 

  "I never knew what I was missing.  The path is clear now, and your warm encouragement and sound advice have put me light years ahead.  Now I know what I want and how to get it.  Bless you."  -Samatha J.

  "Coaching made a difference in my life.  I've tried everything else, and this is something that works.  Thanks for the coaching, Susan." -- Miles O'H.

  "For the first time in my life, I'm optimistic about the future and confident in myself."  -- Ann R.

  "You are brilliant, inspiring, engaging, alive, and stupendous!  Keep coaching.  The world needs you."  -Anne G.   

  "I can't imagine a better counselor." -Becky L.

  "The stuff of Self Talk is Fabulous!  I have been subscribing to your e-zine for a while and every time I open it...there is something there...that reaffirms what I am doing at the moment.  Thank you!   Thank you for being in my life at this moment.  you book and e-mail is an incredible gift."  - Michelle A.

"Just wanted to say thanks.   Having spent the past 24 years in executive search, I found your help very useful." -Sam P.

  "I can't thank you enough, Susan, for shot-gunning me into the 21st century. I just had the best quarter I've ever had." -Nancy F.

  "I've never gotten so much unpleasant (but necessary) stuff done in one day in my life!  The Clean Sweep Day is a great idea.  I slept better that night than I have in years.  Thank you." -Marshall D.

"Terrific inspiration.  I love your nuggets of wisdom!  Way to go!" -Brad N.

 "Most impressed with your ezine."  -Peter P.

"Hi of the best newsletters that i've read since a long time and in my case, as i'm strating on a new venture, its so topical and relevant.  The questions raised by you are just what i needed to answer truthfully to myself."   -Ravi K.


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La réussite dépend moins du quotient intellectuel que de l’intelligence émotionnelle fondée sur la compréhension, la maîtrise et l’utilisation des émotions, qualités que chacun de nous peut acquérir.  

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