7 Types of Guys to Avoid When Dating Online

On Twitter, citizens are busy talking about the love story of a user who meets an idol through an online dating application. She shared screenshots of her first conversation with her husband at Tinder and also a picture of him married to her husband 20 months later.

For these tweets, citizens become busy sharing their respective love stories when looking for luck, meeting a mate in an online dating application. There are many successful woman, but not a few who failed. Besides, you can find your luck apart from love by playing poker games. Presence of your luck can be proven by playing casino games like online poker or online roulette.

In order to get a love story that ends beautifully from online dating, there are a few tips you can do, you know. One of them away from the seven types of this guy.

1. Scammer

If your chat partner in an online dating application suddenly asks for money, hurry up and stay away! These predators use online dating sites only to take advantage of women who need attention.

After successfully getting your money, these men will slowly move away. There will be many reasons that he made before finally completely disappearing from your life.

2. Love bombers

The key is one: No one falls in love just because of your profile photo.

This type of man is passionate at the beginning. Send chat regularly. Ask questions frequently. He also often praise you and throw ragged sentences.

Be careful, girls, men who behave like this are usually a playboy, narcissistic, or even a sociopath.

3. Rusher

The third type of man you must avoid is the possessive type. Although only known through online dating applications, they do not hesitate to get angry if you long to reply to the message. In the end, they can take your freedom by starting to regulate you.

4. “Only here to …”

If a man puts up a “no looking for something serious” status on his profile, that is a sign that they are using an online dating application just for fun. They are not intended to find a partner and true love.

If you plan to find a life partner, you should avoid men like this.

5. Playboy

If the men you meet in online dating applications like to put up photos with different women, you should stay away. He could have claimed that the women were relatives, cousins, ​​or relatives. But, not necessarily that is true.

6. Mysterious

The characteristics of a mysterious man: Usually use a blurry profile photo, wear glasses or a hat, or do not use a profile photo at all.

It’s better to be careful with men like this. It could be that the man is hiding something, like already married or in a relationship with another person, for example.

7. The sexter

This type of man does not hesitate to send you pictures of him being naked or even his genitals. He also will not hesitate to ask you to do the same for him.

These men are only present to look for sexual partners alone. So, stay away if you aim to find a life partner.

Girls, here are seven types of guys you should avoid in online dating apps. Better to prevent than a broken heart later, right?

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