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About Coaching with Susan
I do not require a contract!

The difference between coaching and therapy.    

With the specialization of emotional intelligence and my master's degree in clinical psychology and years of coaching and life experience, I'm able to provide assistance to clients in every area  -- relationships, dating, transition, leadership, career, dating, midlife transitions, parenting, retirement, wellness, balance, resilience, management, recovering from an affair, communication, goal-setting and more.    

One of the traditional "generalists," with a broad liberal arts background, business experience in corporations, social service and law firms, leading strengths in Strategy* and being an enfp (Champion*), I don't see you or your challenges "like a nail."  (You know the saying - when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.")

*Champion - This Myers-Briggs type is found in only about 3 percent of the general population, but they have great influence because of their extraordinary impact on others.

*Strategy - The innate ability (it can't be learned) to see the best way to accomplish a goal and make a plan.

Recognized in the fields of both emotional intelligence and coaching, I have trained and certified coaches internationally, and they have worked as relationship coaches, business, small business, HR, clergy, accountability, leadership communication, introverts, and more.  


With years of experience, and hundreds of client coached, I will shape your coaching program to fit your individual needs and goals, assisting you in clarifying what you want, defining a strategy, and helping you implement it for desired results.  

SPONTANEOUS CALLS ARE WELCOME. In most instances I can clear things up for you in one session.  I do not believe in 'coaching contracts'.  I think they're designed for the coach's benefit, not yours.  If you think you're self-sabotaging and about to do it again, call me and I'll tell you whether you are or not, and what to do.  Can't figure out if she's interested or not, call me.   Need a plan?  Options?  On the hot seat?  Got to meet with the boss in the morning?  Too angry or anxious to think right?  Call me.  EMAIL or call 210-496-0678.  For immediate assistance, call 210-216-4130.  

Most of the things you'd want help with will require immediate attention; I know this.  Whatever it is, deal with it now.  Give me one hour of your time and I'll straighten it out for you.


I provide a full range of services, like a one-stop shopping center.  I provide Internet courses and ebooks to augment your understanding and amp the learning curve, which I may recommend from time-to-time.  Workbooks, coping plans, accountability charts, all the usual things.  I am qualified to administer a full battery of assessments, including THE EQ MAP«.    "Changing Beliefs, Self-Limiting Thoughts & What to Accept," and "Midlife Dating Survival Manual for Women," have been popular ebooks. 


Understanding, personal and engaging, confident, experienced and knowledgeable about what works and what doesn't.  I relate easily to most people and have an international clientele.   


If you have questions, want to get to know me better, or want to know what coaching is like, just give me a call - 210-496-0678.  As my schedule is usually full, please email ahead to be sure the time is free. 



The Difference

Between Therapy
 and Coaching
ęThomas Leonard, CoachVille.

     Susan Dunn, MA
  Personal Life Coach

Coaching takes you from 
where you are forward!  

This is a partial list compiled with the help of dozens of therapists on the CoachVille R&D Team who were also coaches. 

Coaching evolved because it was needed.  It's for high-functioning individuals who are ready to forge ahead.  It does not focus on the past.

Many of my clients, like most people today, have had some therapy, some are combining the two.  Whatever works, but they are definitely two different things.

Feel free to call me at 210-496-0678 to discuss this further if you have any questions.

Find out what coaching is all about.  Call me today at 210-496-0678 for your free initial consultation.
(Best to email for availability.)

Dating on the Internet & think he might be lying?
Afraid your wife is having an affair?

To make those important decisions, you need information.  FIND OUT.  Discreet, professional staff.  We don't need to know why you need to know!

Investigative services (better databases than available on the Internet even if you pay), advice, coaching for recovering from an affair, infidelity, investigate your physician, hospital or nursing home, figure out whether you should leave or stay. 

  • Background check

  • Professional licenses, credentials

  • Sex crimes, crimes against children

  • Bankruptcy

  • Divorce, marriage, lawsuits

  • Criminal record and much more
              THE CLOSER




personal strengthening personal 
triage visioning
issue resolution problem-solving
why me?/why this? what's next?/
what now?
traditional relationship collaborative
conscious level
ness level
personal strengthening personal 
away from toward
somewhat vulnerable generally open, 
not vulnerable
letting go actively building 
life dynamics
driven by unresolved issues choose goals 
and actions
absorbs information acts on 
nurturing, supporting catalyzing, 
no personal disclosure personal 
as useful
mostly monologue mostly dialogue
measured pace rapid pace
hurts works
heal past create future
fear excitement

By leading husband and wife team
All the resources you need to make that excruciating decision.  Don't try and do it alone.  


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