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emotionaler Quotient . Kompetenzen der emotionalen Intelligenz . Soziale Kompetenz . Motivation . Empathie . La réussite dépend moins du quotient  intellectuel que de l’intelligence émotionnelle .  Lavorare con l'intelligenza . Emotionale Intelligenz . test della personalità, comunicazione, relazioni 

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46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  GLOBAL EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE
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La réussite dépend moins du quotient intellectuel que de l’intelligence émotionnelle

Ofrece coaching personal y cursos de Internet sobre inteligencia emotional

It's transformational It's transcendental . 
It's trans-cultural.
... because we all speak the same language in our dreams ...

"We advocate emotional intelligence globally and intra-culturally to promote its applications for international trust, resilience, teamwork, leadership, inter-cultural intra-cultural awareness, pan-optimism, intuition, and the universal heart, mind and soul." -- Susan Dunn, Founder, EQ Alive!


46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ARTICLE, click HERE.
"Is emotional intelligence a culturally-specific skill?" by Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Ph.D., Professor, Harvard Business School


Es gibt jetzt neben dem "IQ" den "EQ" -emotionaler Quotient-. Er fand heraus, daß Menschen über verschiedene Intelligenzen verfügen.

Die Elemente bzw. Kompetenzen der emotionalen Intelligenz:
  • Selbstbewusstsein
  • Selbststeuerung
  • Motivation
  • Empathie
  • Soziale Kompetenz
  • Kommunikationsfähigkeit

    Recognize the EQ competencies here?

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  YOU CALL IT "Ebalanseerde Persoonlike en Interpersoonlike Leierskap:  Inleiding"  THEY CALL IT "Flow – An anatomic-physiological and phenomenological study, en-route to the comprehension of the experience on optimal performance"  AND I CALL BRAIN CANDY
My lewe tot dusver is die spieelbeeld van die samelewing wat die jonk, ambisieuse, lewenslustige en avontuurlustige soort verteenwoordig. Ons vat dikwels onberekende risiko’s, om dit te vat wat ons wil hê. Hier en daar laat ons iemand agter wat verontreg voel, maar ons ‘sukses’, regverdig dit.  Selfsugtig? Ja! Selfvervullend? Weet nie, maar ek is seker dat niemand ons sal beskuldig dat ons die oomblik aangryp en leef nie. Dis intens, maar lekker!!  

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  BINAT HALEV MEANS HEART'S WISDOM
It's the name of the emotional intelligence-based school system in Tel Aviv.

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  CHECK OUT WHAT'S NEW IN MEXICO 

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  OVER IN PITTSBURGH
Brenda Smith, MBA, CPEC, master coach, runs The peoplesmith Charm School™,  which "builds the EQ skills behind the IQ smarts: the soft skills that produce hard results--like higher revenue, successful marriages, lower turnover, meaningful relationships, personal leadership, fulfilling careers and successful businesses."  It's soon to go global.  Brenda uses The EQ Foundation Course©.

Nexus EQ International Conference, Nova Scotia.  "Engage heart, mind, and soul to promote personal and organization performance."  Featuring Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. peter Salovey, Dr. Anabel Jensen, Dr. Reuven Bar-on, Dr. Jack Mayer, Kate Cannon, Dr. Josh Friedman,  Geetu Orme, Dr. Steven Stein, and more, more more.

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  ITALY HEARD FROM
“Defining Virtual Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Teamwork” is the thesis topic for Ruggero Rossi de Mio, Dottore in Economia, University of Trento, Italy 

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  EQ IS A HOT TOPIC IN AUSTRALIA AT THE MOMENT
Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Brisbane, Australia, April 16.  Sponsored by OSI Group.  Contact Pam Fulcher or Diane Lawlor on 07 3218 2118 to book.   

Addressed graduands at TARC Kuala Lumpur Campus:  "Your continuous learning should not be just limited to technical knowledge and IT alone. Research has shown that the single most important factor which distinguishes star performers from others is not IQ, advanced degrees or technical expertise but emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence includes communications and human relations. The higher up in the leadership you go, the more vital these skills become.  Communications and human relations are elements that cannot be neglected. In all organizations and in all professions, you need to communicate and work with your superiors, your colleagues and your subordinates. How well you perform in your job depends to some extent on the work of a web of others who may be your direct or indirect subordinates. With your technical knowledge and people skills or emotional intelligence, I am confident that you can establish yourself and make your mark in the world of work."

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  AND FROM THE UK
"Because it is not what you know or what you do that makes you successful in life, it is who you are BEING with others."  -- Geetu Orme

ADVANCING YOUR CAREER W/ EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is showcased on the UK site Train for Free.  Quote:  Emotional intelligence--the ability to understand and control emotions, and recognise and respond to to those of others is emerging as the single most effective business skill of the new century.  This course (FREE to UK citizens) ... shows you how to maximise your effectiveness and impact at work. 

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  DAS EQ - TESTBUCH
Wie groß ist Ihre emotionale Intelligenz?

Das EQ- Testbuch. Wie groß ist Ihre emotionale Intelligenz?




46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Emotional intelligence conference.  "Improve the quality of management actions and decision-making in your company.  Turn the concepts of Emotional Intelligence into a practical strategy.  Learn about the most significant innovation in people management in the last 25 years."

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  IN THE US of A
American Express Financial Corporation, which currently owns or manages more than $293 billion dollars in assets, has a Program Director for Emotional Competence and has a "commitment to this emerging human technology."

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  HONG KONG
President, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology writes:  "Daniel Goleman (author of "Emotional Intelligence") did a terrific job for us...The audience response was very good and the Q & A could have gone on forever.  Although my praise is natural since I agree with most of Daniel's message and have been practicing accordingly for 20 years, it is also representative of the audience of 400.  A real hit a very valuable and timely message for Hong Kong."  

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ARTICLE
"The Emotional Path to Success," by Craig Lambert.  Click here.  Excellent review of how emotional management makes you a star.  

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  FAILURES OF EQ ARE COSTLY
A New England Journal of Medicine study on malpractice cases found that about 1% of all hospital patients would have grounds for a malpractice suit, but only a tiny percentage of these patients sue. Doctors that patients don't like get sued more; although their medical skills may be comparable to other doctors'.  The patient feels the doctor didn't care, or didn't listen, or was too busy, or "a machine."  

Carol Read, Spain, writes:  "For those of us who may be working in multicultural classrooms, as I currently do in Spain, an understanding of the emotional brain is also a key issue as we experience and struggle with the daily realities of how vital emotional competence is in enabling children to adapt and thrive in their school context."

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  Y DE LA UNIVERSIDAD de CADIZ, SPAIN 
"Cuando los Contructos Psicologicos Escapan del Metodo Cientifico:  El Caso de la Inteligencia Emocional y Sus Implicaciones en la Validacion y Evaluacion," José Miguel Mestre Navas, María del Rocío Guil Bozal, María del Rosario Carreras de Alba, Paloma Braza Lloret, Dpto. Psicología, Universidad de Cádiz, Spain  - go HERE

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  TEL AVIV, ISRAEL
The EQ theory has great bearing in the on-going struggle waged on school violence.  In Israel an entire city ,Tel Aviv, is combating this with a new program (BINAT HALEV) geared to the schooling of the emotions, into its entire educational system.

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  AND HERE COME TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
H.S. Kassin and P. Polar write about "Novel Approaches in Education in Trinidad and Tobago," trying to address illiteracy and at-risk youths.  And what do they propose?  "The benefits of chess as a mechanism of promoting emotional intelligence is unequal," they write.  "As a consequence of the inter and intra personal contact that chess provides, a stimulus for emotional intelligence which can increase achievement, motivation, optimism, joy, and purpose, while decreasing violence, depression, and isolation is in place. Emotional intelligence is a positive preventive tool, which properly understood can assist society in solving many of its ills - violence, illness, drug abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and even global societal conflicts. These interpersonal and intra personal skills are critical to all learning, providing tools to children and adults for long-term success. Chess caters to multiple intelligences allows for the transference and development of logical thinking, critical thinking, and creative thinking thereby increasing performance and achievement within the academic environment. Thus all primary and secondary schools, and government tertiary level institutions should be supplied with chess equipment and taught the game as if it were an academic subject."  

We're trying to follow up on this and see how it's going!

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  SAN DIEGO ASKS ... VIRGILI SPAIN ANSWERS
On a list on emotional intelligence,  Mark R. Testa, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Management, HTM Program, San Diego State University, listed the qualities of emotional intelligence (transparency, character, adaptability, anger management, self-management, relationship management, service to others, inspirational leadership...) and asked for 'video clips' about emotional intelligence.  

Teresa Torres Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain, replied she thought "Dinner with Friends," with Andy MacDowell and Denis Quaid was a good clip showing lack of empathy (the link to EI)--The brief dinner scene, she wrote, that's just at the beginning.

Timo Kultanen, Information Society Research Center, University or Tampere, Finland writes, in a study called "Emotional Intelligence in Superior Knowledge Work," "Last years have been a period of strong growth in Finnish economy,  During the same period knowledge work has increased.  It has been quite easy to sell knowledge work and products [but] this engagement period seem to over for this time...which means that for instance the superior work demands and challenges are increasing."

"In changing and harder competition situation," he adds, "the emotional intelligence skills are coming more important."

He has designed a study to 

  • Describe the impact of the skills of emotional intelligence of superiors on knowledge workers' motivation and engagement

  • Build an emotional intelligence development program to knowledge work superiors

  • Follow and measure the impacts

We await the results!

46162298.jpg (2545 bytes)  L'intelligence émotionelle
L’expression d’intelligence émotionnelle utilisée par eux fut donc popularisée par Goleman, psychologue, professeur à Harvard puis chroniqueur au New York Times, et fit même la une de l’édition américaine de Time. Rappelons que, selon Daniel Goleman, la réussite dépend moins du quotient intellectuel que de l’intelligence émotionnelle fondée sur la compréhension, la maîtrise et l’utilisation des émotions, qualités que chacun de nous peut acquérir, ce qui est plutôt une bonne nouvelle. La différence entre les individus se fait donc au niveau de la conscience de soi, de la confiance en soi, du self-control, de la motivation, de l’empathie et de la capacité à communiquer (et à influencer les autres).  -- "L'Expansion Management Review,"  France

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