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"We can deal with new arenas of knowledge if we know how to learn, how to find out about what is known and how to abandon old ideas when they are worn out.  

This means teaching ways of developing good questions rather than memorizing known answers."

Connoisseur's Guide to the Mind, Roger Shank, Ph.D. 


"Excellence demands the pursuit of seemingly unattainable goals.  Those teachers and schools that truly succeed are those which inspire their students to move beyond the expectation of conventional wisdom. James D. Watson, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine; co-discoverer of DNA.

I want to inspire you to move beyond the expectation of conventional wisdom.  Thanks for studying with me.

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-- Get down to CORE YOU.  Find out how to get back in touch with what you're naturally good at and start to build your life around it.  Working and living in your strengths will make you feel at home in your own skin.  10 lessons delivered to your email each Monday Morning for just $29.99.  Or mail me a check or money order.

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"Thanks so much for sharing this course with me, and I hope that one day, if I have a daughter, I can share it with her.  You're an absolute GEM to this world."  --N.B., coach


Suddenly you'll have the missing piece to the puzzle!

  STRENGTHS PACKAGE--Uncover your brilliance!  Working with various assessments, we get down the basics about you and your natural abilities, and come up with a coherent plan you can make use of in your life.  Includes the course, 3 assessments and two coaching sessions, all for only $250.  Or mail me a check or money order.   

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Introduction and overview to emotional intelligence.  Research, theory and application.  Learn the neuroscience--where emotions come from, what the different competencies are and how to learn them, develop your emotional intelligence as you take the course.  Field work, journaling, action points.  Interactive, on the Internet, with full email support.  

$199 for 13 lessons; URL mailed to you each Monday morning.

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"I found Susan's course refreshing and quite interesting.  It's clear that she knows her subject, believes in it and is really committed to quality and her specialty.  Highly recommended to all!"  --Dr. Edward Blomgren, Shrink (his choice) and Coach

"Susan's vast knowledge and expertise in the area of emotional intelligence is very evident in the content of the material and its presentation.  The emotional support and encouragement throughout the course has given me the opportunity to see and experience the world with new eyes.  I couldn't help being affected positively.  Good fortune was smiling on my the day I discovered Susan's site.  It's absolutely fabulous and full of inspiration and motivation.  Touches my soul.  Susan is a true leader."  --Jane Juda, Paralegal, Canada.

"I started this course Dec. 2001 and was immediately hooked.  I anticipated each week's installment and was VERY impressed with the personal approach that Susan took.  By the end of the program, I felt I knew her and she me.  I cannot endorse this program enough.  The insights it offers into the actions of ourselves and others has been invaluable."  --Pam Glover, coach

Also known as the Train-the-Trainer.  For managers, trainers, therapists, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to understand EQ and supervises the EQ learning of others.   Best practices, assessment tools, theory, case studies.  10 lessons for $229 delivered to your email on Monday mornings.
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"Thanks, Susan.  Your work is engaging, imaginative, and extremely timely for my growth and business development as a coach.  You took dry, flat stuff and made it easy for me to learn.  I really respect your abilities."  --K.S., business coach, Portland, Oregon 

"Susan is good in whatever she does.  She teaches you how to handle your emotions intelligently.  She is a natural Pro."  -- J.M.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your lessons.  The amount of work you put into it is incredible.  Thanks for all the valuable material."  --Kay M., director of rehab program


The First Rule of Communication is:  Assume you have been misunderstood.  One of the most important EQ or other skills you can possibly have.  Improve your work life, improve your relations, learn how to connect with your universe.  Interactive; 10 Internet lessons for 
URL mailed to your email each Monday morning.   
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THE ALPHA COURSE:  TRANSITIONS:  Life is a series of new beginnings ... and transitions are a part of life.  Learn how to manage them better and take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities available in each of your transitions.  All transitions have certain things in common and in this course, you'll learn what they are and what to do about them.  10 Internet lessons; URL mailed to you each Monday morning for $29  
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Write a New Ending to Your Love Story
A serious look at a serious topic...

If your relationships keep turning out the same way, and you don't like it, it may be that you have a faulty "template" for love.  Base on the latest physiological research on "that thing called love," we talk about self-defeating patterns, resolutions, and solutions.  10 lessons; URL delivered weekly for 10 weeks If you're one of the people who needs to write a new ending to their love stories, this course is for you.  If you coach, train, or counsel others, this is state-of-the-art material.  $29     
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Creativity is crucial to leadership, problem-solving, building and sustaining relationships, effective parenting, and joy in life.  Enrich your life and increase your effectiveness.  Learn how to develop your Creativity.  4 lessons; URL delivered to your email weekly. $29 
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  INTENTIONALITY                           INTENTIONALITY
Research has shown that men and women are equal as far as overall EQ (emotional intelligence), but that men tend to be stronger in Intentionality, optimism and self-assurance, while women are stronger in Empathy and interpersonal skills.  Intentionality means saying what you mean and meaning what you say; having a purpose and intent in everything that you do; making sure you are listened to, heard, and understood, and being accountable for your motives.
Create your own Personal Mission Statement .  Learn to live ON purpose and WITH purpose. $29 
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     It's not just for women any more!     

One of the best tools you can have at home or in the office!  Learn more about that "gut feeling" that guides you unerringly if you know how to listen to it.  It's hyper-sensory data that's crucial for decision-making.  How do you get it if you don't have it?  We all have it.  This is not some esoteric gift given only to the few, it's a universal ability that makes life a lot easier.  Learn how to get luckier, stay safer, and make decisions with less effort.  
4 lessons; URL mailed to you each Monday.  $29   
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"Life is easier with intuition.  Thanks for showing me that."  --T.O'C., manager


Stress management?  A recent Wall Street Journal article named RESILIENCE, the key to handling stress.  It's a MASTER LIFE SKILL -- how well we manage stress, bounce back from setbacks, losses and disappointments. It's how we handle adversity.  Learn to weather the storms of life and bounce back higher and faster. Highly recommended to prepare you for life's transitions.  Resilient adults live longer, better lives.  Find out how.  Learn it now before you need it.  If you can't bend, you'll break.   $29      
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"I'm quite as big for me," she said, "as you are big for you."

Are you able to get around and view a situation from all sides?

Are you able to see something as someone else might see it?  $29 

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  OPTIMISM Optimists live 19% longer.  Well what's another 20 years?

Why learn Optimism?  People who are optimistic live longer, healthier, happier lives and achieve more.  Optimism is the facilitator of all the EQ competencies, and it can be learned.  We're living in an epidemic of depression and negativism.  It's contagious -- immunize yourself!  
4 lessons; URL mailed to you each Monday morning.
  $29  Click here to register and pay or mail me a check or money order. .


EMPATHYMother's Day A wordless understanding ...

Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions of others, to hear the unvoiced question, to anticipate the need, to find the right words and tone, and to understand the other's point of view.  Learning to understand people in a manner that isn't objectively explicit sounds like what used to be called "mind reading," but it's really something quantifiable that we can learn.  Empathy impacts other EQ skills such as resilience and interpersonal relating.  Gentlemen, don't be afraid to get in touch with your "feminine side."   $29      
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                     MYTHS I

(c)Susan Dunn

Hook into the archetypes!  Connect with the collective unconscious.  Susan believes strongly in the power of myths.  Myths are metaphor, and metaphor is a master coaching skill.  Learn to speak with impact, perceive more clearly, and understand more widely.  Myths are universal and eternal, and will increase your understanding of human nature, as well as your ability to understand and communicate with others.  12 lessons for $79 
Click here to register and pay or mail me a check or money order. 

"You've hooked me on myths--I'm completely obsessed!  For which I thank you.  Something about grasping the archetypal, the universal stuff that's so intriguing.  It's across time and so damn B I G ... many, many thanks."  --P.G.                                   


Available FREE to citizens of the UK
Showcased on the UK site Train for Free.  Emotional intelligence--the ability to understand and control emotions, and recognise and respond to those of others is emerging as the single most effective business skill of the new century.  This course (FREE to UK citizens) ... shows you how to maximise your effectiveness and impact at work. 


"Thank you very much, Susan; it's been my pleasure!!"  --Dr. Shlomo Dotan, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

"I am taking The EQ Foundation Course right now and the lessons, feedback, and support have been truly exceptional."  --Jit Uppal, Ontario, Canada

"This course [Myths] has enriched my life in ways I only imagine.  You're truly a gifted coach."  --Ton deVos, the Netherlands

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