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Susan Dunn is the Dating Coach for women over 30, back in the dating arena again after marriage.  She's "the best of the best."  Midlife dating can be confusing?  Are you feeling lost?  Getting mad??  Not having any luck?  Don't know where to look, how to act, how to respond to those crazy questions men ask, or when to do what?  Afraid you'll lose him if you do, or if you don't?  Wondering where all the "good" men are?  About to give up?  Susan Dunn is here to help.  She has listened to hundreds of women.  She knows what works and what doesn't.  She is the author of Dating Success Manual for Women and Internet Dating Secrets That Work. 

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She's amazing!
(Delaney on 07/10/07)

thankyou very much that better advice said in much better way thankyou
(betty on 07/08/07)

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Thank you very ,much u gave me a new perspective on things, very understanding
(Sarah on 07/08/07)

Susan Dunn, Dating Coach, has had many years of experience.  She is the author of Dating Success Manual for Women and Internet Dating Secrets That Work.  In gathering the data for these books, she has talked to hundreds of women dating on the Internet, women of all ages.  She knows what works and what doesn't.  She has had the most experience helping women over the age of 30, who are back in the dating arena.  She also coaches on career issues, transition, retirement, emotional intelligence and wellness, and step-parenting.  In fact she serves as Step-Parenting Expert for a major website, so she understands the family-blending issues too.  Susan Dunn runs a coach training and certification school, so why not be coached by the coach who trains the other coaches?

If you're dating and can't figure out the rules, you aren't alone.  Susan is here to help you.  Got a specific problem or question, give her a call.  Need perspective?  Experienced advice?  The answer to a specific question?  Know you're backsliding and heading for touble?  Can't get over the last one?  Email ( or call 1-800-445-2620.

No "contract" is required.  Single sessions are sometimes sufficient, or you may find what you need in Dating Success Manual for Women or Internet Dating Secrets That Work. 

"I work until 11 pm CST every night, weekends included," says Susan.  "Coaching is for the convenience of the client."  She also has a sliding fee scale. 

Susan is widely published on the Internet on dating and relationships, and is ask the Attrsact Your Dream Partner Expert on a major website.  Susan believes if it's possible, it's possible for you.  



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EMAIL for information on this coaching program, or call Susan at 1-800-445-2620. 

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