Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Susandunn.Cc user terms page. The User Terms will explain how we collect, use, disclose, and protect various information in connection with the use of our media by your readers. Membership Provisions

User Account Information Provisions will request information when the User creates an account at, such as username, first and last name, date of birth, telephone number, and email address.

If a user writes a comment or shares, will also save a record of user activity. The aim is to broaden’s insight into user trends and to adjust various features in as needed.

Provisions for Information from Third Parties

When a user accesses from a third party in the form of another site linked to through “following” or “like” activities so that your account is automatically connected to our party, then the third party has the right to forward user information to This information can include a username, as well as any public information that users provide to third parties.

If the user gives access to the user’s friend list, this information can be read by the Susandunn.Cc algorithm to allow the user to invite friends to help build an account at as well as inform the user if there are new friends joined in

We recommend that users first adjust the privacy settings on third-party sites if the user does not want to grant access that has been previously mentioned. If access is terminated, will remove information about users that we can obtain due to connections to third party sites.

Feature Terms Invite a Friend

If the user uses the invite friends feature, the user can immediately select friends who are in the user’s contact list in the communication tool used. However, does not recommend transferring a user’s contact list to and will not take information stored by users in connection with the names of friends in the existing contact list.

Through the use of Invite Friends, the user will immediately send an e-mail or text message from the user’s account, and will not store the user’s contact list.

Terms of User Fellow Discovery in

Through the Find Friends feature, users can track the whereabouts of friends through personal contact lists, social media sites like Twitter or Facebook or direct search by entering their name or username on POPBELA or

If the user uses a personal contact, will be able to access the contact list so that a search for fellow users who are in the user’s contacts can be done.

If the user uses social media, the information contained in the user’s social media is bound by the user’s own social media conditions and the user’s account settings.

If the user searches directly on, then the user can directly type the name or username that is searched.

The use of this search information is required by only to help users find fellow users.

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