Words You Might Listen to in Online Dating

The more sophisticated the technology, the more ways you can also make acquaintances with the opposite sex to speed you free from single status.

Because of the large number of people who use online dating application services, you can get acquainted via chat which will then continue to meet directly if deemed suitable.

Reported by the Times of India, there are some terms that you need to be aware of in the approach stage in online dating. Your online date also has many ways to approach you, some of which might be as below.


In this term, pocketing means pocketing or hiding your partner. You try to protect your identity, face, and all of its contents from the reach of the public, family, and friends.

This might make your partner think that you are not serious about him or are embarrassed by him or it could be the reason you do it for fear of competing with someone who is more disheartened than you.


To attract the opposite sex, especially in the use of online dating applications, you are advised to install the best photos, the most cursed, the most beautiful or as beautiful as possible.

Unfortunately for the sake of attracting the opposite sex to swipe right, you are willing to put up photos with faces filled with the help of Snapchat or Instagram filters. Some are willing to use old photos of him to cover his age and even his original weight.

These are all Kittenfishing actions, and you are just cheating your date by faking the authenticity of your face. What happens if you meet later, they won’t be able to accept your real faces? Failed to change status this year.


Open the Instagram application has become a habit for everyone, but if it’s used for stalking people, it looks a bit scary, yeah. Using online dating services is like fumbling for one’s character and personal life.

Someone can be called doing Tindstagramming (Tinder and Instagram), which is the behavior carried out after meeting someone from Tinder and deliberately looking for information about him through Instagram.

Slow Fade

Not as mystical as the term ‘Ghosting,’ this term allows you to disappear from the crush slowly, you rarely make it, the interaction of phone calls or chat is also reduced, and others.
Even more painful, then he will never know what the reason you disappear slowly is. Supposing, being tortured slowly is more painful, you know.

Cookie Jarring

This term you mean to make your partner like a chocolate cake that you put in a jar. Similar to cheating, you make this third person as an option or a backup so that in case there is a problem with the main partner, you already immediately find a replacement. Ugh!

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